Ninja Day - What to expect?

Footscray City Gym Club, Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:46AM

Ninja Day is this Sunday!

What should you expect on the day?


-Door will open at 12.30pm 

-There will be two activity options. You can choose to do one or both



 Ninja Obstacles   Free Run Zone

 -requires you to book your spot on the day (face to face at the venue)

-a coach will guide ninjas (both young and old) through 6 ninja obstacles

-Ninjas will receive a certificate showing which obstacles they were able to complete 

-Ninjas must be of school age (or older) to take part in these obstacles 

-Each session will run for about 1 hour. Sessions will start every 10 min from 12.30 until 2.40pm


 -a free play area for anyone wanting to give ninja tricks a try (all ages welcome)

-access to the trampolines, foam pit and floor obstacle curse

-challenge activities run by coaches (EG long jump, monkey climb and more!)







-When you arrive all participants (anyone walking on the gym floor) will be asked to remove their shoes and leave them on the concrete area. In this are there will be the booking table to reserve your place for the Ninja Obstacles. 


-There will be a coffee van there on the day 


-FCGC Supervisors will be wearing pink vests on the day and be available to answer any questions you may have. 

Last updated: Wednesday August 30, 2017 11:10AM
Author: Jes Larsen